Teen Victory Program

Elevated Education’s Solution to Disengaged Teens

Elevated Education will be instituting a reengagement program in several states for teens between the ages of 13 and 21 to address the needs of disengaged teens as well as the impact of COVID-19.

  • Targeted Outreach to Disengaged Teens ages 13 to 21
  • Teens needing credit recovery/dropout prevention
  • Long term suspended/expelled students
  • Rural and tribal areas
  • Foster care/wards of the state
  • Juvenile corrections/parole
  • Homeless teens

Education Re-engagement Program

This program provides a positive alternative to teens and young adults seeking to re-engage in their academics. The program offers opportunities for youth of diverse economic backgrounds to gain skills for academic success, relationship building with others, building a positive self-image, as well as connection to their local community. Participants are engaged in an array of comprehensive activities that are beneficial to them and their communities. The program provides structure for Arizona youth ages 13 to 21.

Program Objectives:

  • Analysis of participant’s education history
  • Academic mentoring/coaching
  • Develop individualized learning plan and Roadmap to Victory
  • School reengagement or new school placement
  • Student Victory Team meetings (students, parents, school counselors, elevated mentor)
  • Ongoing mentoring throughout the school year

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