About Elevated Education

Our Experience

For nearly two decades, the principals of Elevated Education have dedicated their careers to making a meaningful impact to Arizona’s disengaged teens. Through their alternative charter schools and other programs, they have worked to redefine the educational model to include workforce development, student reengagement, mentoring, flexibility, and personalized education planning.

The Elevated Education process engages students in a meaningful way to empower each student’s learning journey. Our mentoring program cultivates a sense of community and success that inspires our students to stay engaged and become productive citizens after graduation through post-secondary education or engagement in the workforce.

The Elevated Education team has reengaged and educated thousands of teen students over the years. Our high quality charter schools are “A” rated by the Arizona Department of Education and remain focused on measurable outcomes and community impact.

We Create Successful Outcomes For Teens


Dis-engaged students need an educational program that teaches them resilience and how to persist in their education.

Credits Earned:

Most dis-engaged students are behind in credits and need a process to make gains in their educational credits and get back on track for graduation.

College and Career Readiness:

An important aspect of our program is to prepare our students for college and career. This process requires intention and resources that extend beyond their high school education.

Our Community Impact Is Key


Supporting and mentoring students who have disengaged from the education system and are unsure of the path forward.


Supporting and mentoring students through the death or incarceration of a parent or close family member.


Supporting and mentoring homeless students and finding them resources.

Our Mission at Elevated Education

By cultivating a rigorous and innovative environment that focuses on each teen’s unique abilities and needs, we will foster profound transformative growth and learning through alternative education and programs.

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